at this time i'll let you choose
which option is right for you
you can walk away or i can make you


MATTHEW CATES (guitar/vox)
AARON CATES (drums/vox)
BLAKE BURTON (guitar/vox)
KODI TEMES (bass/vox)

We're a rock band from Nashville. We currently reside in Johnson City. We play rock music and we play it damn well.



run like hell

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So. Tired. The Daily Howl. Come see us. I’ll be awake then.
Green roomin it. Also, come see The Daily Howl at Exit/In tonight. #NotStoppingAllNight
Come see The Daily Howl at exit in tonite! #driveThru #AmericanizedBastardSpelling
Thanks for your courageous actions in Battle!
you guys are fab (。♥‿♥。)
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The fact that you reblogged that goodburger pie chart shows that you, madame, are fab.

want me to redesign your tumblr?
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That’d be AWESOME! 


A Day In the Life of Your Favorite Nashville Rock Group:

HELLO and good evening! We four fine fellows at the Daily Howl have been non-stop working our asses off lately. HOWEVER, due to our hard work, dedication and countless bottles of George Dickel’s Tennessee Whiskey, the proverbial light at the end of our drunken tunnel is nigh. 

The highly anticipated and long awaited Revolver E.P. will be available to you on iTunes and Spotify on May 1st! WOO!!!

Now, we know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “But The Daily Howl, I want a HARD COPY of your new awesome and totally badass E.P.!” If that actually is what you’re thinking, then I’m pretty much a mind reader or something. But the answer to your plight is that the Revolver E.P. will be available on the 21st of May! We are also pleased to announce that we will be throwing an E.P. release party at Nashville’s very own, (a venue that we call our second home,) The Rutledge! So be sure to come out and get your SIGNED (upon request) copy of the E.P. for the low, low freakin’ price of like $5. Unless you want to pay more money for it… For whatever reason… 

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! What more could you even ask for, right? If you don’t live around Nashville and you aren’t planning on making a road trip anytime soon but still want a hard copy, message us and we’ll do our damnedest to get you one.

Until next time, farewell, rock and rollers!

                                                                    -Blake Burton